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Well It's not Lih's Site...
But it's damn funny...
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8th-Jul-2007 01:36 am - Valyn and Trinovi

[Weathers-a-bit-] Valyn just liked leading instances.
[Weathers-a-bit-] Trinovi winks with a sparkle.
[Weathers-a-bit- Valyn] i actually never wiped. when i lead insteancs.
[Weathers-a-bit- Valyn] not once.
[Weathers-a-bit- Trinovi] never wiped?   ~t~
[Weathers-a-bit- Trinovi] not once?   ~t~
[Weathers-a-bit- Valyn] not ever
[Weathers-a-bit- Valyn] till like lvevl 45 or something
[Weathers-a-bit- Valyn] hundreds of runs. never a wipe.
[Weathers-a-bit- Trinovi] hundreds of runs.. never a wipe   ~t~
[Weathers-a-bit-] Valyn grins mischievously.
[Weathers-a-bit- Trinovi] how'd you deal with the burn?   ~t~
[Weathers-a-bit- Valyn] mmm ?
[Weathers-a-bit-] Selena falls down laughing.
>[Weathers-a-bit- Trinovi] finally   ~t~
[Weathers-a-bit- Selena] thats disgusting     -Miao?-
>[Weathers-a-bit- Someone] oh shit
[Weathers-a-bit-] Someone finally gets it -_-
[Weathers-a-bit-] Trinovi cackles demonically.
[Weathers-a-bit-] Someone bonks Trinovi on the head.
[Weathers-a-bit- Selena] yeah, oh shit, literally     -Miao?-
>[Weathers-a-bit- Someone] like desperately trying to remember if "the burns"
was an area that i'd forgotten.

1st-Jul-2007 05:24 pmNew Quote

[Us_satyrs Jay] Grim tells you: i have no weiner!
[Us_satyrs Laradonno] i never touched it!
[Us_satyrs Jay] the man is a freak
[Us_satyrs Handy] you never touched grims weiner?
[Us_satyrs] Handy raises an eyebrow.
[Us_satyrs] Handy wonders if Laradonno has the skill to wield such a blunt

17th-May-2007 07:44 am - Everyone

[Itsa Predator] Trin you shave your balls?
[Itsa] Trinovi winks at Predator with a sparkle.

>[Itsa Predator] im vewy itchy

[Itsa Terminator] i know its a new concept for you Pred but you could take a
bath  *Maybe*
[Itsa Predator] no, I trimmed my pubs, now they itch
[Itsa Predator] since you must know
[Itsa Sedonia] pubs...    >> Shazam! <<
[Itsa] Winter winks with a sparkle.
[Itsa Blitzkrieg] how do you trim a bar?
[Itsa Predator] how
[Itsa] Blitzkrieg hides from the world.
[Itsa] Predator sniggers.
[Itsa Terminator] cut down the number you visit?  *Maybe*
[Itsa] Selena falls down laughing.
>[Itsa Blitzkrieg] thats true
[Itsa Blitzkrieg] cheaper to drink at home
[Itsa Predator] heh.....yep.
[Itsa Sedonia] squeeze, rub, groom, and done    >> Shazam! <<
[Itsa] Terminator ponders Sedonia.
[Itsa] Blitzkrieg curses bars
[Itsa Selena] ew?     -Miao?-
>[Itsa] Predator nods sagely.
[Itsa Predator] grass don't grow on a busy street!
>[Itsa Terminator] you trimming your pubs as well Sed  *Maybe*
[Itsa Predator] you have to
[Itsa Predator] in America at least
[Itsa] Blitzkrieg shrugs helplessly.
>[Itsa Blitzkrieg] i never have, cept when i had my hernia surgeries
[Itsa Predator] it's fun
[Itsa Blitzkrieg] damn doctors only did half
[Itsa Selena] TMI     -Miao?-
>[Itsa Predator] that's evil
[Itsa Predator] id go nuts
[Itsa] Blitzkrieg agrees wholeheartedly.
[Itsa Predator] no pun intended

14th-May-2007 03:24 pm - Random
It's been awhile! But I'm back!

[Rekit Hawksley] well the best term I had had Gwandon and Deluge on council    
[Rekit] Hood invites Dobkeratops to join the party.
[Rekit Hawksley] and it was funfun      .:Tea?:.
[Rekit Hood] can't say I've had the dubious pleasure.
[Rekit Hood] of being on council with gwandon and deluge.
[Rekit Hawksley] it was like talking to a brick wall      .:Tea?:.
[Rekit Hawksley] but, two of them      .:Tea?:.
[Rekit Large Oak Tree] That's where you get the two walls to talk to each
other, and sneak away quietly.

30th-Oct-2005 12:50 am - Aeris

[!] Aeris scowls at Terminator disapprovingly.
[! Terminator] quick tonight aren't we
[!] Aeris is playing scrabble dammit
[! Terminator] you can spell?
[! Aeris] I cant help being delayed!
[!] Terminator faints dead away.
[! Aeris] OI
[! Aeris] yes I bloody well cna
[! Aeris] ffs
[!] Terminator falls down laughing at Aeris.
[!] Retribution falls down laughing.
[!] Jay falls down laughing at Aeris.
30th-Oct-2005 12:47 am - Well it amuses me

From behind you, you hear the clatter of hooves.
>Turning, you see an armoured knight on a white steed.
You notice the knight is wearing the livery of Selena.
Selena lifts her visor and says: "nope.. some of you still suck"
The knight then lowers her visor and charges off into the distance!

Graezer shouts in Farsi: you aint no prize either :)

You tell Graezer: obviously i dont care

Graezer replies to you: well no, i just thought i'd amuse myself by responding

You reply to Graezer: yeah, i always heard the simple-minded were easily amused
You are now tellblocking Graezer.

Graezer shouts in Farsi: ba-zing

29th-Oct-2005 06:21 am - Muddy

>[Cloak&dagger Muddy] I'm glad you have such control over when your stiffness
gets lowered, that's all I can say

28th-Oct-2005 05:30 am - Lemmingrad / Aeris

[Arty Lemmingrad] lets talk about hawks, i likes hawks, i eats wem with a spoon
Lemmingrad falls down laughing.
pline poor hawks
[Arty Selena] poor hawksley     -Miao?-
>[Arty Aeris] you like eating hawksley?
[Arty Aeris] does sable know?

26th-Oct-2005 06:32 pm - Grimmer / Duir

>[Outstanding Grimmer] that's what you call a tag =you have a sudden bog attack.
you go "Very Little Bog.' You say, '", "Super Giga Fu£$ing Bog!" (10^9 times
larger than .. oh, never mind), "Super-Bog!!!!", "Fu£$ing Bog.", "Three Little
Bears Bog!" (and this little bog is JUST right!), "Minor Bog.", "Bog.", "Super
Fu£$ing Bog!!!!!!!!!", "Little fu£$ing bog!", "LIttle Bog.", "Little Super
fu£$ing bog!" (larger than a fu£$ing bog, smaller than a super fu£$ing bog),
"Above average little super fu£$ing bog!" (slightly larger than a little super
fu£$ing bog, which is larger than a fu£$ing bog, but smaller than a super
fu£$ing bog)= pline that's what you call a tag =you have a sudden bog attack.
you go "Very Little Bog.' You say, '", "Super Giga Fu£$ing Bog!" (10^9 times
larger than .. oh, never mind), "Super-Bog!!!!", "Fu£$ing Bog.", "Three Little
Bears Bog!" (and this little bog is JUST right!), "Minor Bog.", "Bog.", "Super
Fu£$ing Bog!!!!!!!!!", "Little fu£$ing bog!", "LIttle Bog.", "Little Super
fu£$ing bog!" (larger than a fu£$ing bog, smaller than a super fu£$ing bog),
"Above average little super fu£$ing bog!" (slightly larger than a little super
fu£$ing bog, which is larger than a fu£$ing bog, but smaller than a super
fu£$ing bog)=
[Outstanding Retribution] you just scared shit out of me with that death msg   
** Mighty Smitey **
[Outstanding] Galadriel kills Grimmer.
[Outstanding Duir] bah, at least i wrote mine :P    ** Dont ya just hate tags
that are too long have no punctuation bad spollind and just go on and on and on
and on for no reason when the person it applies to isnt even disguised in the
first place and has only really added this to be bloody annoying? **

20th-Oct-2005 01:56 pm - Lor

[Fighter Lor] did I leave the porty hole somewhere?
[Fighter Lor] heh like in my 2nd bag :)
[Fighter Lor] moron

16th-Oct-2005 12:05 pm - Rylen

Rylen drinks to forget
Rylen has been around for a very, very long time.
Rylen is older than red_guest.
Rylen has eaten less pies than Gnarll.
Rylen has set fire to less Druids than Tskaaron.
Rylen has voted for Elephant fewer times than Eldge.
Rylen has killed less fearsome things than Deluge.
Rylen does not wibble as much as Luni.
Rylen has not helped as many newbies as Gwynhevere.
Rylen has picked less pockets than Remirf.
Rylen is not as strong or big as Boroth.
Rylen has not changed guilds as much as Goldmoon.
Rylen has not edited as many articles as Agrippa.
Rylen has not councilled as much as Rosmerta or Molly.
Rylen hasn't explored as much as Cormac.
Rylen hasn't posed as much as Hawksley.
Rylen doesn't pose or shout as much as Raisraes.
Rylen doesn't wield swords like Shameeshkebab.
Rylen doesn't skulk around in the shadows like Swifteye.
Rylen has sold less bottles than Jay.
...but for some reason, she's still quite happy :)

Female nymph druid/ranger                    Level: 25
Full Name: Rylen                             Single
Real Name: Anonymous                      
Birthday: Gathering 11th, 116 BE
Last on: Sun Oct 16 13:25:56 2005 (Sun Oct 16 08:25:56 2005 EST)
Web Page: http://thaum.net/ele/index.php                             
Rylen has no unread mail
Rylen has got a profile set.

14th-Oct-2005 02:40 pm - Egad / Bolen

[Council Hawksley] how're we all doing today kids?
[Council] Bolen cheers enthusiastically.
[Council] Egad looks for kids
[Council Bolen] ew
[Council] Hawksley winces.
[Council Egad] obviously to stomp on them
[Council Bolen] suuuuuure
[Council Bolen] Egad "Thriller" Lorienne

4th-Oct-2005 05:10 pm - Gnarll

Samurai vanishes from the Western Realms.
>'hmmm,' Gnarll says with a cool gaze, 'was it the sellin crack and pimpin hoes
comment dya fink?'

3rd-Oct-2005 12:03 am - Doh, Isn't it obvious?

Message 106:
Date: Sat Oct  1 23:57:20 2005
From: Eldge
To: Selena
Subject: mudquotes

I gather you run the mudquotes site now so i thought i'd forward you
this little bit that i noticed earlier today. 

File it under Doh isn't it obvious?

Unknown screams: Not shroud aagggaaiiinnnn!!
[Warmage] Hawksley meeps pathetically.
[Warmage Lor] what happened?
[Warmage Unknown (deceased)] shroud
[Warmage Unknown (deceased)] stupid me

19th-Aug-2005 03:51 pm - Magrat/Egad

>[Fighter Magrat] itd be far too easy for me to say something...
>[Fighter Flael] and probably, so sadly true ;)
[Fighter] Magrat grins at Flael mischievously.
[Fighter] Magrat couldnt possibly comment
[Fighter] Egad can take it go on
[Fighter] Egad flexes his muscles.
[Fighter Magrat] no, really
[Fighter Magrat] I wouldnt want to hurt your manly pride
[Fighter] Egad struts about sorrowfully
[Fighter] Magrat comforts Egad.
[Fighter Flael] but now that he's a dwarf, everything should be rectified
>[Fighter] Magrat tries not to laugh at Flael.
[Fighter] Gnarll grins at Magrat wickedly.
[Fighter Egad] just remember, even an elephant look small when he is put in the
>[Fighter] Egad gazes at the sky with wide, innocent eyes.
[Fighter] Magrat slaps Egad.

16th-Aug-2005 02:37 pm - Malekith

[Ded] Malekith wonders if conor will giggle when he pokes him
in his own manner.  

16th-Aug-2005 11:55 am - Galadriel

[!] Galadriel has actually used emotes rl
[! Galadriel] now that's sad
>[! Galadriel] on route to a mudmeet
>[! Jay] you 'Whapped' your fella?
[! Galadriel] 'oh no the bus is lagging'
[! Galadriel] 'let's hope it doesn't crash'
[!] Galadriel winks with a sparkle.

15th-Aug-2005 10:19 pm - Lor

[Fighter Lor] who doesn't like to eat elves.. they are magically delicious

15th-Aug-2005 09:37 pm - Carlos / Cobbles

[Breakthis Carlos] well known fact all dwarfs are gay, they like them hairy
like men
[Breakthis] Selena falls down laughing at Carlos.
>[Breakthis] Terminator ruffles Carlos' hair.
[Breakthis] Cobbles kneecaps Mr Carlos
[Breakthis] Cobbles has three children, I doubt I have an interest in females
[Breakthis Terminator] you mean they let you breed Mrs Cobbles?
[Breakthis] Terminator faints dead away.
[Breakthis] Keira ponders Terminator.
[Breakthis] Cobbles has had all her children with her wonderful husband Akimbo
[Breakthis Carlos] dwarfs have small fingers, there fore reflect there size of
there man hood, probably why you dwarfs cant be fussy to what you shag
[Breakthis] Cobbles is a faithful wife
>[Breakthis Gnarll] what ya sayin bout meh?   ={PiE}=
[Breakthis Cobbles] Mr Carlos, be careful you do not insult my family with what
you are saying
[Breakthis Cobbles] for while I am female, all my children are male
>[Breakthis Carlos] they say the most dominate one decides the sex of there
children, so it not you then is it

15th-Aug-2005 05:31 pm - Galadriel / Terminator

You reply to Galadriel: hah, you only look about 18 yourself
Galadriel tells you: hmm it was taken in 98
Galadriel tells you: so I would have been 23
You reply to Galadriel: 30, *chuckle*
Galadriel tells you: 30?
Galadriel tells you: shit I calculated my own age wrong
You reply to Galadriel: 23 + 7, good job you are not a maths teacher
Galadriel tells you: *laughs*
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